2008 SEMA Sneak Peak: RMR Hyundai Genesis coupe almost ready

Posted on Oct 27, 2008 In Formula D Rhys Millen Rumors/Gossip SEMA Spy Shots

Check out this preview of the Rhys Millen racing Hyundai Genesis as they guys over at the team work hard to get this thing completed for SEMA as Autoblog reports. With Rhys Millen seeking a new OE for Drifting in 2009 it would be logical to assume that he will be in a Hyundai for the Formula D series. We have been told and reassured that he will not be piloting a Hyundai in 2009 so we are going to stay tuned and stay on the beat of what is going on. The Hyundai SEMA project car is looking great however. Rhys Millen did assure us at Irwindale that 2009 will be a new car and new colors which he announced while winning the Tires.com Triple Crown Award.


  1. Cam says:

    This is starting to look like a drift car to be totally honest. You don’t need a crazy spec cage for time attack lmao.

  2. DA Fan says:

    I agree, I think Rhys Millen is fooling everyone. Get to the bottom of this Wrecked Magazine. We know you are trying.

  3. charles says:

    Remember when drift cars were cool. I’m glad we have all these crap cars now. Cool cars were getting boring.

  4. malcolm says:

    Cam, a “crazy spec” cage may not be required by the rules, but it’s definitely an advantage, both in terms of safety and performance. With the stiffer wheel rates they are running these days, you need a really stiff chassis for the suspension to work consistently. Also, with the speeds this car will get up to, a crash at 160+ mph on some circuits could very likely be lethal if the car isn’t properly caged to modern specs.

  5. Berto says:

    is this going to bwe the replacement for the tiburon??? i hate d1 now, street legal class is awesome

  6. porntube says:

    hahahahha 😀 thanks i love it!