Formula D Long Beach on Speed TV – Section 9

Posted on Oct 26, 2008 In Chris Forsberg Formula D Sam Hubinette

The last segment opens with drivers talking about Sam Hubinette. They show a clip of him wearing a Viking helmet which is pretty random. Chris seems generally confused as to what Sam is suppose to be driving judging by his interview. Sam is doing burnouts in one of the Long Beach parking decks in this segment. The shooting is looking pretty good but some drivers on the ground would be neat. My on car fix is doing alright. Wow, let’s not zoom in that close on the flag girl, High Def is not her friend. The finals are looking to be good, amazing shot of Sam’s Viper on car showing Chris getting within inches of his car. You can see our Wrecked logo on the Formula D wall if you squint really hard in some of these video shots, haha! Tony Angelo is hugging Chris Forsberg. Ryan Tureck and some others join jumping up and down. Courtney Day grabs Chris Forsberg before they head to the podium. They just show some very quick clips of the podium, definitly need more podium coverage! They move into a Castrol Power cup review which hypes up Formula D Atlanta and shows the standings. Roll credits. Jim Liaw is seen telling Daijiro Yoshihara not to be nervous. Sam Hubinette then is in the next clip singing “I feel good.” Then you see Chris and Tanner chatting and laughing it up. Show ends, more live blogging next weekend.

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