Chris Rado ready to leave the sinking ship – Spotted Drift Testing

Chris Rado is joining all the drag racers in the lifeboat as they have jumped off the sinking ship known as sport compact drag racing. He has been spotted testing with “The Hurricane” Tony Angelo recently and perhaps we could possibly see him at the 2008 Formula D Pro Am? Further reports have unveiled that his testing has been in Tony Angelo’s S13 Nissan 240sx. We will keep an ear out to any breaking news of him Drifting. Many drag racers have entered the Drifting community with open arms but we have a feeling it might be a little different for Scion drag racer Chris Rado. Many people in the Drifting community have yet to forget his comments made in Sport Compact Car magazine. Below are a few comments he made in the article talking about Drifting and the D1 Grand Prix series

“There’s no mystery to drifting,just solid techniques;basically what I’ve been doing since high-school to showoff”

“Way too many of the guys at D1 seemed surly to the fans;like they’d rather slump over in a lawn chair and inhale Marlboro Reds than shake hands,sign autographs,or even listen to questions”

“Wow.I understand that a lot of guys there didn’t speak english,but that’s no excuse for not representing yourself, your team,and your sponsors well”

Although these comments took place several years ago when Drifting was new to the United States, it would appear the community and fans have yet to forget what Chris Rado has said. The last post on was 7/3/2008 which is over four years after the thread was made. We have the link below to the full thread, read it for yourself and you be the judge.

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  1. Mike says:

    I don’t drift or drag race but to a non-driver it seems like the statement “There‚Äôs no mystery to drifting, just solid techniques…” could be easily adapted to drag racing and be more accurate.

  2. wolfdog says:

    Chris Rado = Loser

  3. DA Fan says:

    where is his Drifting Tacoma he promised?
    Did he ever find his $20,000 cell phone?

  4. Chris Rado says:

    I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you someday hopefully sooner than later at a FD Event when I get my license. You fuel my desire…Thanks

  5. Ty Cooley says:

    here is some footage from Chris practicing at willow springs international raceway’s “balcony” this past thursday. thanks guys

    Ty Cooley
    WORLD Racing
    Time Attack Crew Chief

  6. Loser says:

    Maybe if he drifts someone elses car, it will actually make it down the track.

  7. Mike Peters says:

    Wouldn’t that be a JR car with the bosch, k&n and falken stickerz?

  8. vaughn says:

    I have had a great friendship with Rado for a few years now. The friendship came after I approached him about this very thread on in 2005 at sema. He is a driver that seeks thrills and challenges and from this video it lookss like he can do more then go straight!!! haha He obviously has the natural car control skill and feel needed to drift some seat time will do wonders once you have the natural ability. He now definately understands the skill level out there but seems to be up for the challenge after talking with him. He is one of the most focused people I have ever met and there is no question in my mind he will be out there in the future with us. Hes working with a good teacher too. Looking forward to having another genuine dude in the pits!

  9. jacobchills says:

    looks like rado is catching on pretty quickly. how could you not with the hurricane teaching you?

    if that video is what he looks like on the second day of practice i cant wait to see where he is in a month.

    every sport needs a villain. rado will be the rowdy busch of FD. dont worry about the haters.

  10. CSI Charlie says:

    I have known Christian for wayyy to many years, What I do know is whan he puts his mind to something eventually he does what he set out to do! Heart, Desire, Drive, Love him or Hate him he will be a contender. Only time will tell. But everybody has to start somewhere.

  11. ButtsexFTW!!! says:

    Its sad to see another drag to drift…i was there when rado blew his engine up at cali speedway for the redline time attack , it must be nice to have so much just handed to you..Balcony really isnt that advanced of a track. and as of today hows its feel to wreck so many times …hope you help tony rebuild the 240sx cause you did some damage… i think you may need more track time cause you found out its not that easy… also tell that homo naioki to grow up..hes not god so dont act like it..