Cindy McCain is the Drifting First Lady

Posted on Sep 9, 2008 In Formula D Major Announcements

(No political comments will be tolerated! This is a Drifting website)

Cindy McCain might not be familiar to you as a hip Drifting fan but that is exactly what she is. Ever since John McCain has been a Republican Senator in Arizona it has been well noted about the McCain’s love for the sport of Drifting and now ESPN has sat down with Cindy McCain and spoken to her about Drifting and how she found out about the sport. It has a video to boot and is overall a great quick read!

Read the story:


  1. That video guy says:

    That is about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  2. Does it Matter says:

    That’s pretty cool regardless of who you like.

  3. blake says:

    wow! I Barely post on these types
    of subjects but this is some of the most positive news in the drifting community in a long time!

    I really enjoyed Ryan sage’s quote – so much truth in that statement.

    Thank you for being a fan Mrs. McCain!

    When you add this to her husband’s battery initiative – I wanna go grab some
    dinner with this couple!

  4. Influenced says:

    i’d hit it!

    no wait… this isnt one of those poll blogs is it?

    meh, i’d still hit it!

  5. jc says:

    i used to think drifting was cool until i saw republicans doing it.