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Wrecked Magazine Issue 6

… almost out. Here is a sneak preview of what the cover will look like. If you STAY up really late tonight or wake up REALLY early you can see the new issue in it’s entirety. FREE Slide America DVD will be mailed to the first person who can guess who/what is featured on the cover of this issue by leaving us a comment on the blog.

Fast and the Furious 4: Trailer

The date is set for June 5th, 2009 according to Today they also posted an exclusive trailer to the new FF4 film. We have been documenting information on the movie for you guys for quite some time now and we wanted to get you this update. If the trailer is a true reflection of the film it might not be to bad, definitly the best FF trailer to date. Then again, it is the Fast and Furious series and they have curve balled us before. To everyone on the Wrecked staff it almost feels like how Fast and the Furious 2 should of been to begin with.

Fast and Furious 4 Trailer

Formula D Pro Am Coverage – Summit Point

While we were all prancing around Mexico some hungry Am’s were out killing it for the chance to hit the big dance that is Formula D. Many familiar NOPI face’s made it including many other north east locals to the venue. We packed this event with more than 500+ photos thanks to Dan Jenkins. Check out the gallery by
clicking here

Remember to check out the Am’s tearing it up in West Virgina by clicking here. Over 500+ Photos!

From down under: Redbull Does huge new car release with Mad Mike set for August 29th

Mad Mike has been recognized and seen in America Drifting in famous camo style Rx-7. His new car is being unleashed at 7pm on August 29th on Tyler Street. Check out the flyer for more details on the event. We will have the car to you as soon as we can after the unveiling!

Formula D Mexico Drift – Main Event Gallery

Monterrey, Mexico was something to remember as it was Formula D’s second time outside the United States in it’s history. The culture of Mexico brought many new things to this Drifting event including the biggest spider we have ever seen in person (not at a zoo) in Henry Schelly’s pit garage. Click here for a full gallery from the Formula D Mexico Saturday Event

Don’t forget to see man eating spiders and awesome tandem Drifting action from Mexico by clicking here

Formula D Mexico Day 1 Gallery

Check out all the action from Monterrery, Mexico as we fought to survive down in the true DEEP SOUTH. With some tire rationing and fuel rationing over the weekend all the drivers managed to survive and stay out on the track. Check out highlights here from the Practice day (Friday) from Formula D Mexico by clicking here

All of Formula D Mexico’s action can be found here at Wrecked Magazine. Click here to see the gallery

Formula D Mexico Results

1st – Justin Pawlak

2nd – Sam Hubinette

3rd – Tony Brakohiapa

Dai and Tyler spotted with the Mine’s R35 Skyline!

Daijiro Yoshihara and Tyler McQuarrie were recently spotted out at Willow Springs with the Mine’s R35 Nissan Skyline and the Spoon NSX-R GT. Both cars which are white were driven for the day by Daijiro Yoshihara (Bridgestone Tires Pontiac GTO) and Tyler McQuarrie (Hankook Tires Porsche GT2) for a testing video that will be aired soon at GT Channel.

Day 1 of Monterrey, Mexico is complete

Formula D Mexico

Well we were hoping to have you a gallery already from the practice day in Monterrery but due to some technical difficulties and the lack of a Circuit City within walking distance we are on hold for the time being. Our taxi driver managed to get lost four times getting us to the racetrack yesterday after we landed in Monterrey and the taxi ride was about 40 miles and cost us $24.00 roughly American! Man, I love this place already. Luckily Hiro Sumida (driver of the Discount Tire Lexus IS350 currently in FD) has got some pics of setup and his old Toyota Chaser he brought to the dance.

Photos provided by:

Formula D Driver’s List for Mexico

Here is the official drivers list for Mexico. We will be out at the track tomorrow and get you guys content and information as soon as we hit the ground and buy some burritos!

1. Henry Schelly
2.Casper Canul
3.Colin Frost
4.Tony Angelo
5.Patrick Mourdaunt “Pat Attack”
6.Dan Pina
7.Joon Maeng
8.Tony Brakohiapa
9.Jairus Wharerau
10.Ross Petty
11.Hiro Sumida
12.Chris Kregorian
13.Justin Pawlak
14.Samuel Hubinette
15.Forrest Wang
16.Tyler McQuarrie