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Top 16 for NOPI Drift Columbus – The champ is back on top!

Nissan 350z

16.Brian Wilkerson (Nissan 240sx S13)
15.Dennis M. (Nissan 240sx S14)
14. Matt Waldin (Nissan 240sx S14)
13. John Wagner (Nissan 240sx S13)
12. Stewart L. (Nissan 240sx S14)
11. Aaron Losey (Nissan 240sx S13)
10. Nate Brasz (Nissan 240sx S13) currently 1st in points
9. Nick Thomas (Nissan 240sx)
8.Kenji Yaminaka (Nissan 204sx S15)
7. Gary Lang (Nissan 240sx S13)
6.Sammy Tiger (Nissan 240sx S13)
5. James Robinson (Honda Element)
4. Jeremy Lowe (Mazda Rx-7)
3. Forest Wang (Nissan 240sx S14)
2. Justin Pawlak (Mazda Rx-7)
1. Bill Sherman (Nissan 350z)

Tons of questions and not enough answers at Falken Tires

Calvin Wan

We cannot say that these events are tied together or if any of this makes sense at all but as the season ticks along we are left with many questions about the largest team in Drifting today. Mickey Andrade was slated to be our Industry Insider this month due to his high stress and high impact job of managing the largest Formula D team at Falken Tires. He served us with one of the best interviews we ever read then e-mailed us earlier this week and asked us not to post it.

So tons of speculation could be served about Mickey’s departure but we don’t event want to waste our time with speculation because their are plenty of random facts we can chew on for the time being. We have received word from current employee’s that OTHER employee’s left over the past week with Mickey. Not sure if they are related but it seems that Falken will have several new faces in Englishtown next weekend. The bigger question and story for the season seems to be related to the car posted above us…..where is the heck is Calvin Wan’s 350z Convertible?

This car seemed pretty complete at SEMA but the only new cars we have seen out of the Falken camp are Ross Petty’s car (built by Garage Boso) and Darren McNamara (his new Saturn Sky) that was rushed to be built first since his AE86 had to be sent back to Ireland. Why isn’t Calvin Wan’s car done and where is this car Vaughn Gittin Jr. should have that we keep hearing about!? The season is almost halfway over and Falken seems to have more questions floating around them than answers. One thing seems to be sure……with Mickey off the crew chief box for the rest of 2008 it doesn’t seem like Falken finding it’s way to victory in 2008 got any easier.

Cliffnotes: Mickey from Falken Tires is gone along with other employee’s. We still haven’t seen Calvin Wan’s 350z this season or Vaughn Gittin’s new Mustang.

NOPI Standings Going into Top 16 tomorrow

nate Brasz

We wanted to review the top 10 drivers for you guys as we move into the top 16 for tomorrow’s event. These standings are current from the Erie, PA (Round 4) race that took place last week.

1.Nate Brasz (Nissan 240sx S13)
2. Forest Wang (Nissan 240sx S14)
3. Aaron Losey (Nissan 240sx S13)
4.Kenji Yaminaka (Nissan 240sx S15)
5.Ali Aljibouri (Pontiac Solstice)
6.Sammy Tiger (Nissan Skyline R32 now in Nissan 240sx S13)
7.Matt Waldin (Nissan 240sx S13)
8.Estaban Falero (Nissan 240sx S13) *not present at event in Columbus
9.Brian Wilkerson (Nissan 240sx S13)
10.John Wagner (Nissan 240sx S13)

NOPI Drift Columbus Day 1 Gallery

Nate Brasz is hunting to put a second win in a week’s time and he just may do it tomorrow. NOPI scored a bigger field today and the competition is out in Columbus, Ohio. Check out our day one gallery Click here
Nate Brasz NOPI Drift

NOPI Drift

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Formula D Judge trio is now one short

Alex Pfeiffer

Rumors have been circulating all day about Alex Pfeiffer stepping down as a judge in Formula Drift. He was seen last weekend with the other two judges that were celebrity judging for the Canadian series Drift Mania in Quebec. Formula D has not made any official announcements either way but we are told that we will have full and accurate details very soon on the situation. So stay tuned as Englishtown is steering just around the corner!

Drift Mania Round 1 Quebec Envasion Day 2 Photos!

Ross Petty came out roaring until he was eliminated by Fred G. in his Nissan Skyline after they made contact. Congrats to General Tires and all the guys on the G35 crew for the win this weekend!

1st- Marcos Santos (Infiniti G35)
2nd- Fred Girard (R32 Nissan Skyline)
3rd- Carl Nadeau (Nissan 240sx)

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Ross Petty - Falken Tires

Drift Mania in Quebec

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Glover

Drift Mania Round 1 Quebec City Day 1 Gallery

Calvin Wan and Ross Petty lead the attack for Americans on French soil over the weekend in a wild event that brought in thousands even with constant rain! Check out the photo gallery Click Here

Drift Mania

Marcos Santos

Samuel Hubinette in Cranked 2!

Crank 2 the movie

Samuel Hubinette continues his movie stardom by being a stunt driver in the sequel to Crank called Crank 2 with Jason Statham. Samuel Hubinette was spotted on the set driving an ambulance while Jason Statham was driving another vehicle in what appeared to be a chase. Rumors have it our crazy swede will actually have a line in the film! The movie is speculated to begin seconds after the first film as a true sequel. Rumors have been circling about a new moving bullet-time camera rig that Mark Neveldine created for the production will be a huge hit in innovative filming. Drift ya later dudes!

The law and Wrecked Magazine

After NOPI Drift Erie we jetted over to Chicago but got stopped by the Indiana State Patrol. Our sales guy Jayke Milton was behind the wheel and this is what took place. 80 in a 70, weak!

Busted in Indiana!

NOPI Drift Erie Day 2 Photo Gallery

NOPI Drift Erie PA wrapped up quickly in the early afternoon. Everyone is gearing up for Columbus next weekend. Right now we are sitting at an Ohio State Toll Road Service Station because no where has working Internet in western PA. Here is how they finished.
1st- Nate Brasz
2nd- Forest Wang
3rd- Aaron Losey

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Forest Wang

Nate Brasz killed it!

Photo Credit: Danny Lim