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Club FR StreetFest Gallery

Club FR took it to the track for a private day called StreetFest in Wisconsin over the weekend. Don’t mis all our coverage by Clicking Here!

Nissan 240sx

Club FR

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Formula D Etown: Saturday Gallery

Englishtown is complete, Tanner Foust was victorious and made a huge move in points. Check out all 400+ photos from Englishtown. Visit the Gallery Here

Sam Hubinette

Tandem Drifting

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Formula D Englishtown Winner: Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust wins Round 3 at Englishtown, New Jersey. Congrats buddy!

1st-Tanner Foust (Nissan 350z)
2nd-Tyler Mcquarrie (Porsche GT2)
3rd-Rhys Millen (Pontiac Solstice)
4th-Daijiro Yoshihara (Pontiac GTO)

Formula D Englishtown Day 1 Gallery

Our first visit to a new spot on the circuit for the 2008 tour brought out some excitement. Many close calls and the Falken Tires Mazda Rx-8 slammed into the turn one wall! Check out all the action here By Clicking Here!

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Grass Drifting

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Englishtown Non-Seeded Qualifying Results

1. Justin Pawlak (Driving in loaner Nissan 240sx) – 96.50
2. Ryuji Miki (Mazda Rx-7) – 95.00
3. Tyler McQuarrie (Porsche GT2) – 94.00
4. Dan Willie (Nissan 240sx S14) – 92.00
5. Tony Angelo (Mazda Rx-8) – 91.25
6. Steph Papadakis (Honda s2000) – 90.50
7. Doug VanDenBrink (Ford Mustang)- 90.00
9. Gary Lang (Nissan 240sx S14) – 89.75
10. Hiro Sumida (Lexus IS350) – 88.75
11. Henry Schelley (Nissan 240sx) – 88.38
12. Ross Petty (Nissan 240sx) – 87.50
13. Ken Gushi (Scion tC) – 87.13
14. Brian Peter (Nissan 240sx) – 86.13
15.Blake Fuller (Nissan 350z) – 83.88
16. Pat Mordaunt (Nissan 240sx) – 82.00
*17. Joon Maeng (Nissan 240sx)- 72.50
*18. Chris Kregorian (Nissan 350z) – 70.00
*19. Taka Aono (Toyota AE86)- 34.00

*Replacing Seeded Driver that did not attend event

NOPI Drift Utah is Canceled!

MA Brian

Jesse Poole at Theory Communication just sent out a PR release informing everyone that the Utah Drift event and the Denver drag event have been canceled. No make up/replacement events have been assigned.

Here is what the PR had to say.

This unfortunate turn of events has placed a major financial burden on NOPI Motorsports, which already faces an extremely challenging economy. With fuel costs at a record high, people are watching all of their extracurricular activities, and taking a chance at attending an event that would possibly be affected by weather plays a negative roll. “We have been running top notch events for years now,” said Michael Meyers, President of NOPI Motorsports. “I have never been faced with anything like this. We are having incredible support from racers and fans this year, in fact some of the best action we’ve ever seen has taken place here in 2008. There was no way to forecast any of this. We are working through all of it to see how we can make these events up. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to everyone. This is a major setback for NOPI Motorsports and new territory for all of us.”

Makeup events have not been announced for the two cancelled events located in Colorado and Utah. The NOPI Motorsports staff is working on the possibility of makeup rounds, as well as determining points towards the 2008 championships. Each of these issues will be addressed here shortly.

The next NOPI event will take place at the New England Dragway on August 2nd and 3rd. Please stay tuned for future news and events from NOPI Motorsports for the 2008 season. If you have any questions, you may contact Jesse Poole at Theory Communication and Design at or 954.428.1800.

Tokyo Drift!!! The D1 Grand Prix invaded the big city Drifting Gallery

The D1 Grand Prix threw the Tokyo Drift in Odaiba for the first time in history. Nobushige Kumakubo took home the win in his Mitsubishi Evo for the weekend! Don’t miss the most extensive coverage of D1’s Tokyo Drift around! Visit the gallery by clicking here!

Team Orange

D1 Grand Prix Tokyo Odiba

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Photo Credit: Dino Dalle Carbonare!

D1 Grand Prix – Tokyo Drift in Odaiba! Paddock/Pits Gallery

The D1 Grand Prix finally took over Tokyo in Odaiba after a long time coming! The event was exciting and we plan to bring you more than 500+ photos from the weekend thanks to our far east brothern Dino Dalle Carbonare! Check out the gallery Click Here

Japanese Girl

Tokyo Drift - Obaiba

Wrecked Magazine Gallery By Clicking Here

NOPI Drift Day 2 Gallery from Columbus Ohio

What a great event out in the midwest. It was way to hot as the temperature lingered in the high 90’s but everyone made it out alive. Check out the Wrecked Magazine gallery by By Clicking here!

National Wave

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The champion is back on attack!

WHAT an event! The 2007 champion came back with a victory as Bill Sherman reigned supreme for the weekend. Dennis Mertzanis was the new face on top…..a former Atlanta local and now a current resident of Phily! He took charge of the event this weekend. Congrats to everyone!
1st- Bill Sherman
2nd- Aaron Losey
3rd- Dennis Mertzanis