The new Nissan Z could be a V8!

Posted on Jun 30, 2008 In Rumors/Gossip Spy Shots

Nissan Z34 Fairlady Z 370 Z

With the advent of V8’s in American Drifting this should come as some big news to many teams looking to stay competitive in the Formula D circuit. The Nissan 350z is a staple vehicle to Drifting worldwide and is the only import vehicle to win a Formula Drift championship. 7 Tune reports that Best Car Magazine is so excited about the new Z that they built a mock Z34 Fairlady Z/370z with a current Z33 350z to look how they felt the car would like from leaked sketches and drawings.

It’s been one scoop after the other since the Nissan GT 2012 meeting in May and the upcoming Z34 Fairlady Z (370Z) has to be the most eagerly awaited of the models shown, so much so that Japan’s Best Car magazine have already commissioned their own Z34 mock up made by Mad House! Unbelievable…

There have been a couple of new developments since our last report, the most significant of them being a V8 which could end up powering a high performance version of the Z34 which will be identifiable by a “G-nose” modified front bumper reminiscent of the S30 240Z. The G-nose will add even more 240Z flavor to the Z34 making it a kind of “new retro”, a phrase coined by Best Car to describe the mix of old and new influences.

Best car interviewed Z34 Chief of Production Shinjiro Yukawa last month and he confirmed that a V8 could see the light of day in a special edition model. Yukawa mentioned he wanted to “raise the performance of the new Z” while also acknowledging the Porsche Cayman S as being the Z34’s primary contender when it hits showrooms in December this year.

Nissan 370 Z - Best Car Mock Up


  1. travis says:

    looks like shit..S2000 whoop that ass

  2. jared350z says:

    totally would nissan bows down to honda…ayy boo

  3. justin says:

    no vtec,no chance…id push it though

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