Behind the scenes at Fast and the Furious 4!

Posted on Jun 16, 2008 In Fast and the Furious Sam Hubinette

Sam Hubinette took us on a little behind the scenes peak at what Fast and the Furious 4 will be like. He is stunt driving in the movie naturally since the film is based on Drifting. Here is a shot from the set, notice the R34 Nissan Skyline (blue) lined up with some American muscle ready to do battle.


Check this shot out….note that the second car seems to have at least two duplicates sitting next to it, perhaps we can expect to see that thing see some carnage!

Fast and the Furious 4

Here are pictures of Sam in makeup before his Drifting sequence.

Sam Hubinette

Sam Hubinette


  1. man that american muscle 70 chevy chevelle is a sweet car…

  2. lolz! says:

    Holy crap Sam looks funny in that stunt double “makeup”!!!! AHahahahaha

  3. cfrost says:

    stunt double for skreech?

  4. ATLDriftz says:

    Drift Ya Later Dude!

  5. DriftingIsSeriousBusiness says:

    Question?… What the fuck in flying hell under water does “drift ya later” fucking mean? Like exactly. It boggles my mind what a tard that dude is.

    Also i want to give him some fucking sunblock so he stops having perma raccoon eyes.. Like seriously lay off the fucking Oakley’s braaaahhh

  6. dude its drifting, its cars making smoke and driving around while spinning out. quit trying to make logical sense of antyhing related before you hurt yourself and ruin america’s economy.

  7. Jiovani says:

    wow… sam looks like he is from the middle east… perhaps some “car spinning” is in FATF4?

  8. That video guy says:

    He looks like the Zohan!

  9. delicious steve says:

    sweet! the F and F graphics department hits another one out of the park!

  10. FuMe says:

    Sam needs to stop fag bakin!