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Spotted: NOB Taniguchi’s Intercooler Setup on his HKS Aristo

One of our favorite bloggers of all things from Japan posted up some great spy shots of NOB’s new intercooler setup on his Toyota Aristo! We have to say it looks amazing so we wanted to share it with you guys. The photo is from the HKS Japan blog.

NOB Taniguchi HKS Aristo

The new Nissan Z could be a V8!

Nissan Z34 Fairlady Z 370 Z

With the advent of V8’s in American Drifting this should come as some big news to many teams looking to stay competitive in the Formula D circuit. The Nissan 350z is a staple vehicle to Drifting worldwide and is the only import vehicle to win a Formula Drift championship. 7 Tune reports that Best Car Magazine is so excited about the new Z that they built a mock Z34 Fairlady Z/370z with a current Z33 350z to look how they felt the car would like from leaked sketches and drawings.

It’s been one scoop after the other since the Nissan GT 2012 meeting in May and the upcoming Z34 Fairlady Z (370Z) has to be the most eagerly awaited of the models shown, so much so that Japan’s Best Car magazine have already commissioned their own Z34 mock up made by Mad House! Unbelievable…

There have been a couple of new developments since our last report, the most significant of them being a V8 which could end up powering a high performance version of the Z34 which will be identifiable by a “G-nose” modified front bumper reminiscent of the S30 240Z. The G-nose will add even more 240Z flavor to the Z34 making it a kind of “new retro”, a phrase coined by Best Car to describe the mix of old and new influences.

Best car interviewed Z34 Chief of Production Shinjiro Yukawa last month and he confirmed that a V8 could see the light of day in a special edition model. Yukawa mentioned he wanted to “raise the performance of the new Z” while also acknowledging the Porsche Cayman S as being the Z34’s primary contender when it hits showrooms in December this year.

Nissan 370 Z - Best Car Mock Up

Ziptied All Star Bash 4 Coverage

The Wrecked Magazine staff was unable to make the hike out to Willow Springs for the ZASB4 but Drift Live has us covered with some great event coverage! Make sure to check them out for events photos from this awesome weekend.
Ziptied All Star Bash Gallery

Ziptied All Star Bash 4

Hyperfest at Summit Point!

Dan Jenkins drove out to the middle of NO WHERE to cover Hyperfest this past weekend for us and you to enjoy. You’ll see many familiar faces including Dado in his BMW and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his demo Ford Mustang! Don’t miss the gallery by clicking here!

Drift Alliance

BMW Drifting

View the gallery here now!

Fast and the Furious 4: More Set Photos

Can you say Fast and the Furious OG flashback?

Vin Diesel

Paul Walker standing next to a R34 Skyline. Note the Turbonetics intercooler.

Paul Walker

Vin Diesel doing a burnout in his old school ride!

Big Burnout by Vin Diesel

Last but not least…….

Fast and the Furious 4

Source: John Miles

AEM teams up with

If your looking for a great way to snag some AEM products they have now partnered with Check out the PR below.

Tanner Foust - AEM

“ has been in the industry for some time now and has been growing and helping companies get ahead of the competition. It was a natural step for AEM to become involved.” says Greg Nakano, AEM’s Director of Media Relations and Special Projects. Ragen St. Peter,’s Chief Sponsorships Advisor and an industry veteran himself, was no less positive when discussing the new partnership, “If you want to talk about performance in modern cars you have to include AEM in any discussion. They have done so much for this industry over the course of their 19 years in business that an AEM product is almost mandatory if your car is going to be elite. Their research and development and commitment to providing the best products in the industry made our decision an easy one.”

AEM, pioneers of the cold air intake, have consistently raised the bar when it comes to vehicle performance and have always exacted the highest standards when it comes to their products. Their daily investment into R&D and the ongoing development of leading-edge manufacturing process are what has allowed AEM to build a reputation that car owners can count on. After creating new designs for a vented air bypass valve, a V2 induction system, and the first hybrid intake systems for cars with engine swaps, over the course of its storied history, it’s no wonder that this partnership is so eagerly awaited by the custom industry.

NOPI Drift Ohio Video

NOPI Drift Ohio

Tanner Foust on FOX News

Tanner Foust takes FOX News to school on How to Drift at Englishtown before Round 3 of the Formula Drift series. Check him out in the Infiniti G37.

Top Gear USA confirmed with Tanner Foust!

Top Gear

Tanner Foust will be representing for Drifting on NBC for the Top Gear USA series. We are excited that our sport will be exposed over basic cable for this show. Hopefully Jeremy Clarkson will come make some cameo appearances.

Here is the deal from NBC.

Top Gear has just officially announced who will be hosting the U.S. version of the popular car show born in the UK and now officially scheduled to appear on NBC sometime this fall, and the winners are… (drum roll, please): Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer. Everyone knows Adam Carolla, of course, having watched him hit the big time hosting The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel. He now hosts his own nationally-syndicated radio show called “The Adam Carolla Show”. Tanner Foust brings some actual professional driving cred to the show with a resume that includes stunt driving in “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “The Dukes of Hazard”. He’s also a winning rally driver, has medaled in the 2007 X-Games and hosted “Supercars Exposed” on the SPEED Channel. Eric Stomer was the last to be cast and when you see him, you’ll probably say “I know that guy.” He’s hosted an HGTV show called “Over Your Head”, was a former soap-opera actor and spent a lot of time in construction (and on construction-related TV shows). Guess we’ll pick him to win the amphibious vehicle challenges. We surmise that producers may have picked Stromer because he’s a hunk of man meat, but also because he can bring in a big female audience from his time spent on HGTV.

The press release after the jump also reveals what each host drives, and as you would imagine, Carolla (who will now be referred to as Jezza Jr.) sports a garage full of Lamborghinis, Maseratis, two Ferraris and an Audi S4. Foust makes do with a simple, tricked out BMW M3. Stromer… a Camry Hybrid. Something tells us Stromer better come equipped with a thick skin. So what do you think? Does Top Gear USA now appear better suited for success or does the show have Bucket of Fail written all over it?

Behind the scenes at Fast and the Furious 4!

Sam Hubinette took us on a little behind the scenes peak at what Fast and the Furious 4 will be like. He is stunt driving in the movie naturally since the film is based on Drifting. Here is a shot from the set, notice the R34 Nissan Skyline (blue) lined up with some American muscle ready to do battle.


Check this shot out….note that the second car seems to have at least two duplicates sitting next to it, perhaps we can expect to see that thing see some carnage!

Fast and the Furious 4

Here are pictures of Sam in makeup before his Drifting sequence.

Sam Hubinette

Sam Hubinette