New Subaru RWD Platform in 2009 could mean more OEM Drifting support

Posted on May 28, 2008 In Major Announcements Rumors/Gossip

Lately the big hype in the Drifting community has been the Hyundai Genesis. A cheap RWD platform that even used Drifting to introduce itself into the market at the NYC Auto Show this year. The rumors are flocking about factory support and a new player into the game but what about this new Subaru/Toyota collaboration RWD platform? Check out what Inside Line has to say.

Subaru RWD
TOKYO — As if paying homage to Subaru, Toyota is co-developing a new lineup of rear-wheel-drive sporty coupes employing a revised version of the Subaru Impreza’s platform, boxer engine and transmission. Toyota’s largest contribution to the mix will be product planning and its impeccable quality control.

The Toyota model, still to be named, will be sold exclusively in Japan, while the Subaru-badged model will be marketed worldwide. The mechanical package will be identical, but both Toyota and Subaru will create exterior designs to differentiate their cars from each other.

The basis for this new radical project is to take Subaru’s well-known 4WD powertrain and modify it to create a new rear-wheel-drive setup. Slated to be built at Subaru’s Gunma plant in Japan, both Toyota and Subaru models will employ a revised version of the naturally aspirated boxer 2.0-liter unit generating around 220 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox from the current Impreza WRX STI.

Surprisingly, the joint Toyota-Subaru R&D team has chosen the out-of-production, front-wheel-drive Honda Integra Type R as its benchmark, because its styling, performance parameters and dimensions mirror what the development team wants to create.

Expected to ride on a 103-inch wheelbase, the 2,866-pound coupes will use a 2+2 seating configuration.

Slated for a late 2011 debut, the coupes are expected to be priced starting just under $20,000.


  1. drew says:

    There are speculations if it will be a Toyota or a Subaru. I’m not sure how it will turn out for the rest of the world, but here is my speculation on the U.S. scenario. If this car is introduced in the US, it will probably have to be either a Scion or a Toyota, because Subaru of America has built themselves into carrying AWD vehicles only. This will only slot into the Subaru lineup in the U.S. if SoA abandons their “Symmetrical All-wheel drive system standard on every car” theme which I’m sure won’t be the case.

    Enter this car for Toyota. Youthful, Sporty and Sub-Compact for around 20k. Bingo.

    Not sure if its gonna go to Scion, they already have the “youthful” thing going on or whatever, but with Nissan introducing the GTR as a Nissan, Toyota needs something to advertise the brand name as well.

    At least in My opinion.

  2. patrick says:

    that’s awesome! it’s already in team orange colors!!

  3. Tony/ Tekkaman Zero says:

    Well if auto makers want to sell cars and they do.. Then they better make the cars that the people who are buying cars want and yes its the teen to mid 30’s crowd that want a fairly inexspensive rear-drive vehicle to drift or just burn rubber around town, and lets not leave out the after market crowd either to enhance performance or just make it your own.. I think its a hell of an idea –not everyone can afford a Z, or Infinity, corvette, camaro, gto or any of the other rear drive cars around..

  4. Sam says:

    DREW the change is existing

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