RUMOR: Potential 2009 Formula D Car Rendering

Posted on May 26, 2008 In Formula D Rumors/Gossip

We intercepted some e-mails and found a laptop in a TSA bin at LAX this weekend that was left abandoned…Being the good citizen’s we are we grabbed it and chased down the owner but we never found him. Opened it up and found this photo with a label of 2009 Formula D Car Render. Maxxis Tires sponsor?! Should be interesting…….

New Drift Car


  1. DA Fan says:

    holy crap, Hiro has a new look and tire for 2009?
    This is nuts…hopefully he does better this year. Wow, cannot wait to see him partnered up with Forsberg, Angelo and the Maxxis dudes.

  2. Mike Peters says:

    Doesn’t falken own the IS350 Hiro drives though?

  3. That video guy says:

    Well the wheels are from an ISF i think. So this looks like a totally new car not just a new skin. driver…who knows, but with maxxis sponsoring like 500 cars in the drift scene, this isn’t very suprising.

  4. cfrost says:

    the picture for sure is an is-f, aside from the wheels check out them double stacked exhaust pipes 🙂

  5. Mike Peters says:

    i hope colin frost is driving.

    and i hope its not the return of team lexus guys from 2005 unless they’re willing to take driver feedback and have 1/2 legit drivers

  6. Drift IT! says:

    I heard that this is going to be a full new Lexus factory backed team from a friend. They are going to bring in some Rolex cup drivers. This is going to be huge for Lexus! HUGE!

  7. Sean Smith says:

    man, it would be ultimate gayness if toyota brought in rolex drivers instead of real drifters.

    there’s plenty of talent already in the drifting community,
    for example: Mr. Frosty Freeze, aka, the Ice Man, aka, Colin Frost.

    he’s already in with toyota, he’s been around the IS-F a LOT, he’s good, and he deserve’s a full ride.

    shit, they could even get jeff jones,
    that guys amazing.


    my point is this: bringing in pro drivers is not what the sport needs. What we need is to offer our up and coming drivers opportunities to advance.

    no one thats into smoking tires and zip ties wears a rolex

  8. carolyn says:

    colin frost is gay… how do i know this you ask? cuz he keeps tryin to steal my husband nick hogan from me. HOME WRECKER!

  9. Sean Smith says:


    you make a good point,
    but then again,
    everyone knows most race car drivers are gay

    ‘specially colin and his boys

    I saw the rough sketches of his car for next year,
    and it’s gonna look like an ice cream truck,
    complete with that creepy music, and blacked out windows

  10. cfrost says:

    terrible lol

  11. carolyn says:

    oh what?? i saw some sketches too only this one was of a van with no windows… and it had decals that ran along the side that said “FREE CANDY FOR LIL BOYS”

  12. Sean Smith says:

    thats the tow vehicle


    he’s had that for year’s,
    me and him take it out on saturday nights

  13. carolyn says:

    dammmmmmn then it was you two that wouldnt stop to give me candy!!! all i remember was the van screeching off leaving tire marks and someone yelling out “ewwie no girls!!”

  14. Sean Smith says:


    that was also us trying to drift…

    at least we left two tire marks,
    welded diff

  15. ATLDriftz says:

    it is Dan Willie’s 2009 Drifting project. Been in the works for months.

  16. Sean Smith says:

    well no matter,
    colin still has those big plans for next year

    he scored a deal with some wealthy black investor.
    the guys creepy (bleached his skin) but he’s willing to pay big bucks to get the public to change its mind on old man/young boy love.

    all I gotta say,
    is colin is definately the man for the job

    and good luck to Dan Willie

  17. Mike Peters says:

    If Lexus was smart they’d pick up Colin Frost.

    Colin Frost for Lexus in ’09. Its time for Change.

    also LOL @ comment about how awesome Team Lexus 2005-6 disaster repeat would’ve been.

  18. Mike Peters says:

    Actually, don’t listen to me, I am a douchebag.

  19. I heard Forsberg was going to Drive both the Nissan Titan Nos Energy Drink Maxxis Tires 350 and the Lexus at the same time.

    I also heard Maxxis bought one of each of the shown Lexus’ for each of their 500 Drivers just for running Maxxis Tires???

    I also heard next year there will be 800 Maxxis Drivers.

    And lastly James Mason will be added to Drift Alliance and driving this beauty but not drifting it but taking DA and this Lexus into Rally!!!????

    Do not know of this project but please give me a call to discuss future plans.