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New Subaru RWD Platform in 2009 could mean more OEM Drifting support

Lately the big hype in the Drifting community has been the Hyundai Genesis. A cheap RWD platform that even used Drifting to introduce itself into the market at the NYC Auto Show this year. The rumors are flocking about factory support and a new player into the game but what about this new Subaru/Toyota collaboration RWD platform? Check out what Inside Line has to say.

Subaru RWD
TOKYO — As if paying homage to Subaru, Toyota is co-developing a new lineup of rear-wheel-drive sporty coupes employing a revised version of the Subaru Impreza’s platform, boxer engine and transmission. Toyota’s largest contribution to the mix will be product planning and its impeccable quality control.

The Toyota model, still to be named, will be sold exclusively in Japan, while the Subaru-badged model will be marketed worldwide. The mechanical package will be identical, but both Toyota and Subaru will create exterior designs to differentiate their cars from each other.

The basis for this new radical project is to take Subaru’s well-known 4WD powertrain and modify it to create a new rear-wheel-drive setup. Slated to be built at Subaru’s Gunma plant in Japan, both Toyota and Subaru models will employ a revised version of the naturally aspirated boxer 2.0-liter unit generating around 220 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox from the current Impreza WRX STI.

Surprisingly, the joint Toyota-Subaru R&D team has chosen the out-of-production, front-wheel-drive Honda Integra Type R as its benchmark, because its styling, performance parameters and dimensions mirror what the development team wants to create.

Expected to ride on a 103-inch wheelbase, the 2,866-pound coupes will use a 2+2 seating configuration.

Slated for a late 2011 debut, the coupes are expected to be priced starting just under $20,000.

Tsuyoshi Tezuka wins Round 3 at Suzuka Circuit!

Tsuyoshi Tezuka brought home his first ever win in the Bee Racing Nissan Skyline finally! It was a hard fought battle to defeat Kuroi Atsushi finally in the finals. Congrats to the team and Tezuka for a hard fought and well deserved victory!

Bee Racing Skyline

Rock the Drift 2008 Music/Drift Festival

We rolled into the NOS Center in San Bernadino, California just outside the Los Angeles metro area. Many drivers came out to get a full day of practice in on the oval racetrack. Cars that came out included a Cadillac CTS and a R33 Nissan Skyline. Check out the gallery here.

Skyline Drifting

Gold Nissan 240sx

Cadilliac Drift

Photo Credit: Jimmy Spence

RUMOR: Potential 2009 Formula D Car Rendering

We intercepted some e-mails and found a laptop in a TSA bin at LAX this weekend that was left abandoned…Being the good citizen’s we are we grabbed it and chased down the owner but we never found him. Opened it up and found this photo with a label of 2009 Formula D Car Render. Maxxis Tires sponsor?! Should be interesting…….

New Drift Car

The great NASCAR conspiracy!

The great NASCAR conspiracy has been traveling around for sometime now in Drifting circles around the nation. We just may have found the men who are going to make it all come true. That is Daijiro Yoshihara and Rhys Millen standing at Bristol Motorspeedway (a legendary bullring 1/2 mile oval) used in NASCAR.

Bristol Motorspeedway

The track did give Rhys and Dai some chances to drive on the track as well.  The Bristol race is August 23rd, and if Drifting is going on you need to not worry…..Wrecked Magazine will be there. Stay tuned for updates.

NASCAR Drifting

Formula D Englishtown Track Sneak Preview!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Ryan Tureck are on the Englishtown course showing a sneak preview of what the Round 3 track will be like when everyone comes to tackle it June 14th for the best Formula D of the season yet! Also, take note at what Vaughn Gittin is driving!? Signs of new things to come…..we shall see.

Rhys Millen and Daijiro Yoshihara invade Bridgestone North America!

After Formula D Atlanta the RMR Drifting crew consisting of Rhys Millen (Pontiac Solstice) and Daijiro Yoshihara (Pontiac GTO) headed to Bridgestone North America for a demo on the streets in front of their headquarters. Daijiro and Rhys loved a chance to have the streets closed and tear up Nashville, Tennessee!

Bridgestone America

Here is Daijiro ripping it up in his new GTO for 2008 on the streets.

Daijiro Yoshihara

Bridgestone got the road closed in front of the complex and the RMR crew left them a parting gift.

Drifting Marks

Here is the Bridgestone team after the event. We need more companies doing fun demos in the parking lot and streets around their offices!

Bridgestone Tires

The Lamborghini Commercial with Sam Hubinette!

We told you about this the other day on the blog and I wanted to bring you this video. The commercial is leaning more towards a short film on the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4! It’s so elegant and snobbish as a short film at the same time that you just love and go, “yea that’s Lamborghini.” The best feature promoted is the Anti-Boredom Assistant. Just watch and you’ll understand.

Chris Forsberg wins Round 1: Long Beach

NOS TV presents a video montage on how Chris Forsberg won the first round of Formula D 2008 on the streets of Long Beach. A nice well put together video! “NOS Energy Drink 350z Chris Forsbergggggg!”

Chris Forsberg Wins At Formula D Long Beach

The Drivers have taken over……

Tony Hurricane Angelo

Well after some long nights of deliberation and emancipation we have decided to let Drifters everywhere speak their mind to the world. Currently we are featuring Tony Angelo ( and Jonathan Martin better known as Marty ( Any other professional or would be professional drivers are more than welcome to join the fray. Just drop us a request in the contact box and we will get back in touch with you. This is going to be trouble……..and we cannot wait!