Mike Peters won’t be in St. Louis this weekend, will you?

Posted on Apr 16, 2008 In Major Announcements NOPI

Rumors had been circulating on this issue since we got back in the office from Long Beach but we wanted to be sure it was confirmed due to the insane nature of this topic here at Wrecked. Mike this morning made it official on the NOPI forum that he will no longer be a judge for the NOPI Drift series. Here is what Mike Peters had to say on the topic at hand in the NOPI forum they still won’t approve our accounts for.

I stepped down today as head judgeroony guy. Moroso was a disaster and Rob Matt and myself tried our best, but I had a recent family issue I’d rather not discuss and I can’t focus as much time/energy at or between events anymore to do my job properly, so after talking with Mike/Glenn about stuff I’ve stepped down. I’ll probably be helping out/driving in the Nopi Drift scene in one way or another LATER this year but for the next couple months I’ll probably be MIA till around Ohio/Utah timeframe. I still have time to help do some legwork on Qualifiers but the Big Kid event’s right now I’m out.
Anyways just wanted to pass that around so my phone isn’t ringing at 3am (TCOX THAT MEANS YOU!!!)
I don’t know who the 3rd judge will be at STL. Working on a couple options and as soon as somoene figures it out I/They’ll let you know.
See Y’all around, if I don’t see you round its a $500 fine for being gay and not draft racing,
Again, leave this stuff in the Driver’s forum for now.”


  1. ding dong the witch is dead!

    I miss him already! ;(

  2. Tracy says:

    Tight. Maybe now I can be unbanned from the NOPI forum 😀

  3. Collin says:

    Mike’s gay?

  4. Shenanigans! says:

    Does that mean that Dennis is coming to STL?


  5. A Punch In The Face says:

    I know why Mike Peters got fired…

  6. Mr. Brady preferred peters says:

    What’s up with all the Peters peter sucking on SFLdrifters?

    Can’t they see that he is a f’ing douche?

  7. stillnotmikepeters says:


  8. False Crack Medivac says:

    Good!! Now NOPI should reimburse all the non-sponsored drivers that wasted their hard earned money because Mike Peters is an idiot. Don’t worry Mike, still got some guys waiting for you in Hawaii, false crack medivac.