Speedy Recovery to Rhys Millen

Posted on Dec 24, 2007 In Rhys Millen

Rhys Millen was gearing up for his New Year’s Event on ESPN called “New Year’s With No Limits” (where he was to flip a truck) when he had an accident in testing. Here is the event information if you didn’t know about it:
Redbull Experiment
New Years No Limits- ESPN

I spoke to some people close to Rhys Millen and they said during practice he overshot his foam landing box and the Redbull truck landed on it’s back bumper support. We don’t know the exact condition of Rhys Millen at this time but we all at  Wrecked Magazine want to wish him a speed recovery and hope he is ready to chase down a second championship next year at Formula D! We will try to keep you posted on the situation as more information comes to us!

Rhys Millen - Flipping Truck

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