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Calvin Wan’s Drifting Performance Handbook

Retail Price: $26.95 ($32.50 CAN)

Calvin Wan clearly has worked hard to establish this Drifting Handbook. Calvin Wan reviews categories like The History of Drifting, Racing Fundamentals, Drifting Fundamentals, Tandem Drifting, and Car setup. Antonio Alvendia was the photographer for this 190 page FULL color book. More information and a full review in Issue 3! Keep on the lookout for this new release.

Calvin Wan's Drifting Performance Handbook

New NOPI Drift Event Confirmed

NOPI Drift had a tentative event listed for the 2008 schedule and it has now been confirmed. This event will be the second in the NOPI Drift 2008 series and fall a week before Formula D Long Beach (Round 1) and two weeks before Round 3 of NOPI Drift at Gateway Park in St. Louis, Missouri.

April 5th and 6th – (Miami area) West Palm Beach, FL – Moroso Motorsports Park (Road Course)

Rhys Millen quote from his hospital bed!

We picked this one up courtesy of Redbull USA, they had a word with Rhys from his hospital bed. This is what Rhys Millen said on the accident and the New Year’s Challenge,

“After successfully landing the 360-degree back flip three times into the cardboard boxes in training, I am disappointed that our last jump ended in an accident. As I lay here in the hospital with three broken vertebrae in my neck and two compressed and broken vertebrae in my back, I am also disappointed that we cannot perform the 360-degree back flip at the Red Bull Experiment on New Year’s Eve, but I’m happy that I will be able to walk again. I look forward to watching Robbie Maddison do his 300-plus-foot motorcycle jump in Las Vegas.”
Get well soon Rhys!

Merry Christmas to Wrecked Magazine Fans!

You guys have a Merry Christmas or whatever your beliefs are today! Wrecked Magazine is already getting ready for Issue 3 and we cannot wait to rock for 2008 guys! Keep posted and spread the word!

Speedy Recovery to Rhys Millen

Rhys Millen was gearing up for his New Year’s Event on ESPN called “New Year’s With No Limits” (where he was to flip a truck) when he had an accident in testing. Here is the event information if you didn’t know about it:
Redbull Experiment
New Years No Limits- ESPN

I spoke to some people close to Rhys Millen and they said during practice he overshot his foam landing box and the Redbull truck landed on it’s back bumper support. We don’t know the exact condition of Rhys Millen at this time but we all at  Wrecked Magazine want to wish him a speed recovery and hope he is ready to chase down a second championship next year at Formula D! We will try to keep you posted on the situation as more information comes to us!

Rhys Millen - Flipping Truck

NOPI Drift: Eligible Drivers for 2008!

This is the list of following drivers as of the time posting for drivers that are eligible to driver at NOPI Drift in 2008. Stay tuned to see these guys next year. Driver List

Aaron Losey

Adam Szczuza

Alex Pfieffer

Andrew Hateley
Andy Sapp

Bill Sherman
Blake Fuller

Brian Wilkerson
Channin Prapapyuenyong
Chelsea Denofa
Chris Cook

Chris Milano

Chris Orsini
Cody Wellons
Dado Carvalho
Damien Bagley
Dan Willie

Dennis Mertzenis
Erin Sanford
Forrest Wang
Gabe Asturias
Gary Lang

Gary Simmons

Harri Tervola
Hubert Young

James Robinson

Jason Beatty

Jeff Frontcakas

Jeremy Lowe
Jodin LeJeune
John Wagner
Joon Maeng

James Evans
Jason Jiovani
Johnathon Martin
Juan Henao

Justin Pawlak

Kenji Yamanaka

Kitt Hock

Lance Feliciano
Matt Waldin

Mike Peters
Mike Swartz
Nathan Brasz

Raffi Karakovzian
Rob Fleming
Robby Unser

Ron Ewerth
Ryan Hampton

Sammy Sritongkham

Sean Love

Stewart Leask
Tracy Shayhorn

Hyper Rev: Vol 125 – Nissan Silvia #8

Hyper Rev Nissan Slivia Book - Vol. 125

Check out what we just added to the store today! Buy it now while supplies last…..
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In Japanese Language Only

Over the years, HyperRev has been regarded as the definitive owners bible for tuning and customization. Each issue is precisely focused to a particular vehicle and includes in depth reports, features and product listings spanning the entire spectrum of OEM and aftermarket performance tuning and styling. Most HyperRev books are between 200 and 300 pages. For popular cars there are often times multiple volumes of HyperRev books that are released.

Enthusiasts worldwide have found HyperRev books to be an invaluable resource for learning about new performance parts and planning the modification of their vehicles. Although HyperRev is produced only in Japanese, most brands and product specifications can be read and understood in English. Needless to say, the full color pictures speak for themselves.

* Shop and Manufacturer Demo Vehicles
* Engine & Suspension Refresh Tuning
* Circuit Spec Machine Reflections
* Bodykit and Dress Up Parts Guide
* Gauge, Meter, Interior Accessories Guide
* Engine Tuning Parts Guide
* Drivetrain Parts Guide
* Suspension and Safety Parts Guide
* Wheel Fitment Guide

D1GP 2007 on Speed Channel

If you missed the D1GP finals at Irwindale Speedway over Thanksgiving weekend then you can watch the air on Speed Channel. Don’t miss it, here are the dates:

Saturday, December 22, 2007 7PM (EST) Speed Channel Lucas on the Edge
“D1 Grand Prix USA Season Finale”

Saturday, January 5, 2008 5PM (EST) Speed Channel Lucas on the Edge
“D1GP ALL-STAR World Championship”

New 2008 Drift Team: Scion, RSR, and Ken Gushi

I just was mailed a document from one of my favorite sources before we left out of town and inside was a 10-15 page document laying out the plans for Scion to enter Drifting in 2008. Yes, that is right……Scion is stepping up in a HUGE way in 2008! They are converting a Scion tC into a RWD drifting machine under the flagship of well known RSR. Here is the cover of the Scion Drifting packet.

Scion tC Drifting

The current known sponsors of the project are Scion, RSR, Toyo Tires, Enkei Wheels, and Sparco. Here are some other vehicle renderings in the packet.

Drifting Scion

Scion tC Drift

Now later in the packet they announce a driver, Ken Gushi formally of Ford Racing. Apparently Scion is making some big strides taking away Ken Gushi from Ford. What will this car have in store for 2008? It will be an interesting project to keep your eye on but I feel Scion will do the project justice. Scion has played a huge role in the growth of sport compact and I feel they will make sure their Drifting program goes well. Here is a confirmation on Ken Gushi from the packet.

Ken Gushi Scion Drifting

Don’t miss this car in Formula D for 2008! Rumor has it this car will make the Impot Tuner cover so keep your eye out! I think they should trash Import Tuner and go with Wrecked! Who’s with me?

Wrecked Magazine – Issue 2 is out

Wrecked Magazine has returned with Issue 2. We made it all about the Am guys. John Yim sits down to chat about making the transition from the grassroots Drifting scene into the pro Formula D scene. We wrote about Pro Am hopefully Jerry Farabee who was unable to secure his FD license and smashed up his Nissan 240sx. We then covered the Formula D Pro Am and introduced you to the 20 new licensed drivers of Formula D for 2008. We also kept you up to date with a review of SEMA 2007 and a visit to Ziptied All Star Bash 2.