Formula Drift Announces a Branded Canada Series for 2015


Formula Drift has licensed a complete series in Canada which will be known as Formula Drift Canada. DMCC has been dwindling to nothing over the past couple seasons so a new series seems to be needed that will travel around Quebec. No information appears to be available yet on how a FD Canada license will work when moved into the USA series as a Pro 1 or Pro 2 pass into the next season. Here is the tentative 2015 FD Canada calendar below:

Formula D Canada 2015 Calendar
Round 1: June 21, Autodrome St-Eustache
Round 2: July 18, Montmagny Autodrome
Round 3: August 7-8, Trois-Rivières Grand Prix
World Championship Round: September 6-7, Autodrome St-Eustache

Alec Hohnadell Partners Up with Get Nutz Lab for 2015 Formula Drift Season


Alec Hohnadell announced his partnership with Forrest Wang and the Get Nutz Lab crew for the 2015 drifting season. We have already reported on Forrest Wang’s new car plans/rumors for 2015. The partnership looks pretty interesting and could help both drivers advance forward. No word on if Alec will be undergoing other major changes like sponsorships and if Forrest Wang will be helping Alec advance on the driving side of things as well. We imagine the partnership can be huge dividends for both teams. Forrest Wang really took the world by storm this year with some mind blowing qualifying runs such as the one he threw down at Texas Motor Speedway this year.

Kelsey Rowlings Top Qualifying Run at Three Palms Drift [VIDEO]

Here is a cool video we found showing Kelsey Rowlings #1 qualifying run at Three Palms Drift over the past weekend. This was Round 2 of the new Pro Am series which saw Kelsey exit early due to a strong contact on the bank which forced her to straighten up and go out in competition. Regardless, her qualifying fun was pretty wild and very aggressive and high on the bank compared to others who ran that day.


Victor Madera – The First Man to Drift in Haiti [VIDEO]

Check out this video of Victor Madera taking the first drift laps in Haiti’s history as a country. Not many people can make an official claim to complete the first drifting laps in a country but Victor got that chance earlier this year. The vide shows them drifting on Circuit 9 in the country which is on the same island as the Dominican Republic for you geographically challenged. The Dominican has an awesome drift scene if you are visiting on vacation during one of it’s CDCD events. Great drivers and an insane crowd that cheers and screams all night. Formula Drift pro¬†Jhonnathan Castro built up his skills in the country before coming stateside.


Three Palms Drift Pro Am Round 2 [RESULTS]


Three Palms, the Florida Formula Drift Pro Am series, put to bed its second ever round of Pro Am competition. The track in western Florida offered some challenges to drivers and featured Formula Drift judge Brian Eggert to oversee the festivities. Kelsey Rowlings qualified first but didn’t manage to secure a podium spot at the end of the weekend. Here is how the drivers finished:

1. Ignacio Mendoza
2. Fello Ambivera
3. Kevin Lawrence

Pat Mordaunt Leaves ARK Officially After One Season


We have heard word that Patrick Mordaunt and the ARK Drift Team has split ways for 2015. Patrick Mordaunt was given the underpowered lambda v6 version of the twin ARK drift cars for the 14 season. He looked awesome in Long Beach when the motor on the car just let go. Instead of the team getting the car fixed it remained MIA for basically the whole entire season to just repair an engine issue. Meanwhile, we heard a rumor that Pat even rented the Retaks S13 out of his own pocket to keep going to gain points for 2014. If he didn’t, he would of easily lost his FD Pro 1 license like his teammate Dennis Mertzanis did. The whole program left us scratching our heads before the season even started if you remember correctly. Why did they build two identical looking cars? Why did these identical cars have vastly different engine setups and builds in every other aspect? It seems like the program got in way over its head for last year and it will be curious to see what they attempt to do in 2015 along with both drivers.

Michael Essa Is Leaving his BMW in The Past [RUMORMILL]


One of the biggest things happening in Formula Drift over the last few seasons is the shifting and growth of various car manufacturers in the sport. The advent of the OEM manufacturing championship as helped people keep an eye on who is driving what in the sport. Well, a big rumormill we keep hearing again and again which now we can almost confirm 100% is that Michael Essa is throwing away the keys to his E46 BMW that won him a championship and saying hello to a Chevrolet Camaro! This is the third Camaro we expect to see on grid for 2015 along side Tyler McQuarrie and Conrad Grunewald. What do you think about Michael Essa’s potential jump into a Camaro for 2015?

Ryan Tuerck Visits Mad Mike Whiddett and Redbull Drift Shifters [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck is on the road yet again overseas for an episode of Tuerck’d. This time he finds himself in New Zealand where he shows off Mad Mike Whiddett’s shop and Mazda collection and then competes in Redbull Drift Shifters with his Retaks FR-S. It looks like Tuerck had a world class time down in New Zealand even though he crashed out of the Drift Shifters event pretty early on in the day. Check it out!

Imamura Teases TRD V8 Engine Inside His Lexus LFA


We finally snagged a photograph of the Imamura LFA with the hood open. Casey Crittenden spotted this and confirmed the rumors we reported about it having a TRD V8 engine inside of it. We showed the car off last week at the Tokyo Auto Salon in this post here. We are itching to get some actual drift footage of this performing in D1GP this season!

Pat Cyr Shows Off His Scion FR-S for 2015


Pat Cyr debuted his new FR-S at the Montreal Autoshow up in Canada today. The car has a transformation to orange with a large title sponsorship with Eneos Oil. Pat continues to carry some big name sponsors such as Garrett Turbo and Yokohama for the new season. What do you think about his new unveiling?