Drift All-Stars Bans Old Car From Series Starting in 2016


The Drift All-Stars series makes a ridiculous step and bans cars that are 1996 year model or older from the series. I sure hope drivers such as Nigel Colfer were given a heads up well in advance of this announcement. I get the idea of what the guys at Drift All-Stars is trying to do but I don’t think the series is in the place to make these demands on drivers and programs. They are also banning a large portion of the FD RX7, MK4 Supra, various BMW models and the Nissan 240sx market. It moves the grassroots and pro series further a part and leaves drivers worried about what could get banned next (assuming they weren’t given a good heads up). It is a bold move that I just tend not to agree with. How do you think this will effect Drift All-Stars and the sport of drifting in Europe moving forward?

Black Friday Shopping with Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg [VIDEO]

This abandoned mall in Hawthorne, California was the ideal location for two Formula Drift pros to thrash on some Nissan 370z’s. The parking garage scene going up the hill is pretty wild and you will want to watch it over and over again. Hoonigan Black Friday is almost here with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck.

Free Drift Events Coming to California in 2016?


Someone shot me a quick link to Spike Chen is promoting the fact that 2016 will see some free drift events at Grange Motor Circuit. No official word on dates yet but it sounds like five free Saturday events are in the works already. This will be a nice feather in the cap to go with the large amount of drift events already in Southern California. Adams Motorsports Park is still cranking away every Thursday night and Irwindale has a monthly event running with Formula Drift.


2016 Formula Drift Canada [SCHEDULE]


The Formula Drift 2016 Canada schedule has just been released for the new season. A 5 round series includeing Toronto and a Formula Drift Championship round really make this series look more appealing. The series is spread from June 4th to September 3rd rounding off a short Canadian summer series. Here is how they stack up –

Round 1 – June 4th @ Autodrome Montmagny
Round 2 – June 25th @ Toronto
Round 3 – July 15/16th @ Autodrome St. Eustache w/ Formula Drift US/World
Round 4 – August 6/7th @ GP3R The Streets
Round 5 – September 3/4th @ Autodrome St. Eustache for Finals

Joe Tardiff Involved in Serious Crash at Sonoma Drift


A wild accident at Sonoma Drift last night resulted in Joe Tardiff (Trailer Joe) being taken to the hospital. He did post a photo on Instagram giving a thumbs up from the hospital so glad to know he is okay! Even with all the safety equipment available in his car we have heard he has a broken rib and a concussion possibly. This is why drift series in America stress safety equipment and this happened in a parking lot. If you follow the jump below you can view the accident on Instagram and the car being cut open to get him out of it. Chris Mills spun out and was wedged into a k-rail and Joe Tardiff went slamming into him. An incident that could easily happen at any local drift event in America.

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Is the Future of Drifting Coming from Northern California?


Northern California has a new and young secret weapon younger than most of you reading this post. He is 13 year old Dominic Martinez  who is entering a Pro Am competition this weekend and already seen success in the Drift Cave series. He has impressed drivers in the local drift scene so much that pro Matt Field brought him to my attention for this post. The only two real youth drivers I can remember are James Deane and Jack Shanahan who have both impressed me as they grew older. Dominic Martinez seems like one to watch and if he puts down an impressive finish at Golden Gate Drift this weekend we will provide a follow up post. Make sure to follow him on Instagram below and thanks to Wall Hunter for the photo.




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1000hp Hyundai Genesis Goes Up in Flames Mid Drift [VIDEO]

This amazing 1000hp Hyundai Genesis driven by Matt Haugen went up in a huge blaze during a practice recently. The Street Standard Genesis was first spotted by us at Street Driven Tour Las Vegas where he was throwing down some wild runs. The Street Standard guys told us the car was an issue with over filling the fuel cell. The car is okay along with the driver from this little incident.

Winter Jam at Sonoma Raceway is Amazing – 6 Tracks in One Weekend

This year, Sonoma Raceway Winter Jam will feature 6 tracks! There are 4 on the road course, one of which is the former Formula Drift layout, a donut/figure 8 pad for beginners, and a to scale copy of the Japanese track Meihan in the Paddock. There will be a team competition on Saturday and a Top 32 competition on Sunday, all competitions and track activities are open to everyone from beginner to professional drivers. Winter Jam is a festival of drifting that can be an off -season drifting vacation for a professional, a chance for a beginner to really hone their skills over two days, or the enthusiast drifter’s fun weekend. The track has partnered up with RACEQUIP to bring drivers: 2 days of drifting, a SFI Neck Collar, sae2015 Helmet, and a SFI suit for $356, and yes you get to KEEP THE GEAR!!! If you want a suit, helmet or neck collar with your registration, you must register by Dec 4th in order for the equipment to get here on time!

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Justin Pawlak Talks About 2016 Formula Drift [VIDEO]

Justin Pawlak is caught at SEMA by Mark Gearhart to chat about the new 2016 Formula Drift season. He unveiled his new S550 Ford Mustang for the 2016 season and it looks great. He carries his title sponsor Roush for the new season and tune into the video above for more news and info about his new year.

Dai Yoshihara Breaks FWD Buttonwillow Record in Spoon Sports Civic


Dai Yoshihara took on Super Lap Battle today and managed to beat the long standing FWD record held by Chris Rado. Dai took the Spoon Sports Honda Civic to a flying 1:45.585. According to reports from Mike Kojima of MotoIQ, the car did all of this while missing 4th gear. Quite a feat that Dai Yoshihara should be proud of and a nice way to wrap up a less than ideal 2015 drift season for him.