Wow – every one of the drift events and venues has it’s own challenges. Just as I was getting used to Atlanta – 90mph entry, wide smooth track, grass runouts, lots of fun – we come to New Jersey and have a small oval with a banked 60mph first corner, then a sharp transition into infield, then some major whoops through the transition in midfield. Actually more like rallying!

Took me a lot of runs to get the bank right. Could still be a little higher, but at least I’m on the right line. Thanks to the other competitor who told me to get back in the throttle a little earlier. Always something to learn.

And Samuel Hubinette Racing and crew chief Brad Manka are working hard to trim the car to suit me better. So now I have twin rear calipers with a set devoted to the handbrake. This is really good, since I kept locking the handbrake on by using the footbrake and handbrake at the same time. Not actually the feedback problem that a lot of people feel and that we actually get in our rally cars, but actually fully locked on, have to pump it to unlock. Caused one of my spins in Long Beach. So the good thing is that on the infield right-hander here at New Jersey I can slow the car down a little after the left flick with the footbrake, then breathe on the handbrake to increase the angle and skate the car out to the white line.

Every corner and every event I get a little better. Wish me luck here.