Dodge Viper - ACP

This year will be my rookie season in the Formula Drift Championship. I’m new to drifting but I’ve done a lot of sideways driving as a rally competitor for the past few years. I’ve put on some good shows at X Games — including that flip in 2008 — and I’m back in rally this season to defend my North American Rally Championship. But I’m ready to take on something new in 2010.

I’ve had my eye on drifting for awhile and had the good fortune to meet the DA crew a few years ago at an event in Canada when I was just getting a taste for it. Since then, I’ve done a few amateur events. But guys like Tanner Foust, Rhys Millen and Stephan Verdier — who I know as rally drivers — have been out there in Formula Drift showing us dirt guys how it’s done and I want to give it a serious shot.

Mitsubishi Evo Rally

In rally competition, we get sideways when it’s the best way around a corner. But our techniques are about finding the fastest line and sometimes the showiest, dirtiest, big-angle turns aren’t the way to go. I’m stoked on this sport where every turn is an insane, tire-eating slide.

I got my first chance to drive the Viper during a team test with Samuel Hubinette back in 2008. It’s an honor to be behind the wheel of that amazing car as Dodge’s second driver in the series this season.

I know I’ve got a lot to learn and thanks to Wrecked Magazine for giving me the chance to write it up for you as I take on this crazy adventure.